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How long is 14 milimeters?
It's about as long as an Aspirin
The length of an Aspirin is about 14 milimeters.
(for up & up aspirin, 325mg, regular strength tablets) (a.k.a. acetylsalicylic acid, a.k.a. ASA)
It's about one-fourth as tall as a Golf Tee
The height of a Golf Tee is about 54 milimeters.
It's about eight times as wide as a Strand of Spaghetti
The width of a Strand of Spaghetti is about 1.70 milimeters.
(average; restaurant and supermarket applications) (based on FMA Omcan Italian Made TR50 Counter Top Pasta Machine Extruder 13317)
It's about eleven times as long as a Grain of Sand
The length of a Grain of Sand is about 1.250 milimeters.
(medium grain)
It's about one-twenty-fifth as tall as a Bowling Pin
The height of a Bowling Pin is about 381 milimeters.
(USBC specifications; tenpin)
It's about one-fiftieth as long as a Woman's Footstep
The length of a Woman's Footstep is about 660 milimeters.
(for healthy, middle-aged woman of average height; single step length)
It's about one-fifty-fifth as long as a Man's Footstep
The length of a Man's Footstep is about 790 milimeters.
(for healthy, middle-aged man of average height; single step length)
It's about one-sixtieth as tall as Verne Troyer
The height of Verne Troyer is about 810 milimeters.
(1969-2018) (actor)
It's about one-sixty-fifth as tall as General Tom Thumb
The height of General Tom Thumb is about 910 milimeters.
(a.k.a. Charles Sherwood Stratton) (1838-1883) (circus performer; height at death)
It's about one-seventy-fifth as tall as Kenny Baker
The height of Kenny Baker is about 1,100 milimeters.
(a.k.a. Kenneth George Baker) (1934-2016) (actor)
It's about one-eighty-fifth as tall as Hervé Villechaize
The height of Hervé Villechaize is about 1,200 milimeters.
(a.k.a. Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize) (1943-1993) (actor)
It's about one-ninetieth as tall as Matt Roloff
The height of Matt Roloff is about 1,300 milimeters.
(1961-) (actor and reality television star)
It's about 100 times as tall as a sheet of Paper
The height of a sheet of Paper is about 0.10 milimeters.
(for US Letter, a.k.a. ANSI A; 215.9mm by 279.4mm (8.5 in x 11 in); 20lb)
It's about one-one-hundredth as tall as Gary Coleman
The height of Gary Coleman is about 1,400 milimeters.
(a.k.a. Gary Wayne Coleman) (1978-2009) (actor)
It's about one-one-hundredth as tall as Danny DeVito
The height of Danny DeVito is about 1,500 milimeters.
(a.k.a. Daniel Michael DeVito, Jr.) (1944-) (actor)
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