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About Us

The Count of Things is a tool to compare numbers that you enter to interesting numbers about famous people and things.

When we started The Measure of Things in 2009, the goal was to help people understand physical quantities of measurement by seeing how they compared to well-known people, places, and things. Many people may not have a strong sense how long a kilometer is, or how heavy an ounce is, so the tool offers comparisons to real things — like a can of soup or a bathtub — that people are familiar with.

With The Count of Things, the goal is a little different. Almost everyone understands what one, ten, and one-thousand and mean, but sometimes you want to compare your numbers to other numbers. Thus, The Count of Things offers more obscure comparisons — like the number of spacewalks in human history or the number of teeth in a Great White Shark's mouth.

Here are a few examples of how you might use our comparisons:
These phrases are all ok, but they're a little flat. Try these instead:
We hope you enjoy! Happy counting!