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How heavy is 0.00000000000250 megatonnes?

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It's about one-sixty-thousandth as heavy as a Panda Bear
In other words, the weight of a Panda Bear is 59,000 times 0.00000000000250 megatonnes.
(a.k.a. Giant Panda, Ailuropoda melanoleuca)(Adult, male)
An adult, male Giant Panda weighs up to 0.000000150 megatonnes. Despite having the digestive system of a carnivore, the panda eats only bamboo and must eat up to 0.00000000640 megatonnes of it per day to compensate for the limited energy the plant provides.
It's about one-sixty-five-thousandth as heavy as a Reindeer
In other words, the weight of a Reindeer is 66,200 times 0.00000000000250 megatonnes.
(for Rangifer tarandus granti, adult, bull) (a.k.a. Caribou) ()Rangifer tarandus)
An adult, male reindeer weighs between 0.0000001660 megatonnes. Reindeer undertake a lengthy annual migration, with some herds traveling up to 5,000 km.

To all those observing, Merry Christmas from the Measure of Things.
It's about one-seventy-five-thousandth as heavy as The Heart of a Blue Whale
In other words, the weight of The Heart of a Blue Whale is 77,000 times 0.00000000000250 megatonnes.
(Balaenoptera musculus) (adult)
(for a 2014 specimen)
The heart of a blue whale weighs about 0.000000200 megatonnes. These hearts pump an estimated 7,100 L (1,875 gal) of blood through the whale's massive body.
It's about one-ninety-thousandth as heavy as a cubic meter of Snow
In other words, the weight of a cubic meter of Snow is 91,000 times 0.00000000000250 megatonnes.
(Freshly fallen, standard conditions; measurements taken in Norway, 1965-68)
One cubic meter of freshly fallen snow under standard conditions weighs an average of 0.000000230 megatonnes. Assembled in 2008, the world record largest snowman was constructed of 0.0059 megatonnes of snow and stood 37.21 m (122.1 ft) tall.
It's about one-one-hundred-thousandth as heavy as a Pig
In other words, 0.00000000000250 megatonnes is 0.00001000 times the weight of a Pig, and the weight of a Pig is 100,000 times that amount.
(Domestic pig, Sus scrofa domesticus, a.k.a. S. domesticus) (adult)
Domestic pigs weigh between 0.000000250 megatonnes. The titular character "Babe the pig" in the 1995 family film was played by 48 different American Yorkshire piglets due to the length of filming and the rate at which piglets reach adulthood.
It's about one-one-hundred-fifty-thousandth as heavy as a Horse
In other words, the weight of a Horse is 170,000 times 0.00000000000250 megatonnes.
(Equus ferus caballus) (Arabian, adult)
n Arabian riding horse (or similar breed) weighs between 0.000000420 megatonnes. During races, horses must carry jockeys and their equipment, which in the Kentucky Derby, for example, can weigh up to 0.0000000540 megatonnes.
It's about one-two-hundred-thousandth as heavy as a Grand Piano
In other words, 0.00000000000250 megatonnes is 0.00000560 times the weight of a Grand Piano, and the weight of a Grand Piano is 180,000 times that amount.
(for Steinway & Sons, Model D Concert Grand Piano)
A Grand Piano, of the kind used for concert performances in large music halls, weighs 0.000000450 megatonnes. Well-made pianos such as this may last 75 to 100 years.