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How big is 30,000 acres?

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It's about one-seven-hundredth as big as Lake Superior
In other words, 30,000 acres is 0.0015 times the size of Lake Superior, and the size of Lake Superior is 676 times that amount.
(a.k.a. Lac Supérieur, a.k.a. Gitchigumi, a.k.a. Gitche Gumee) (surface area)
Both the largest of North America's Great Lakes and the largest freshwater lake in the world (by surface area), Lake Superior has a total area of 20,300,000 acres. It borders the cities of Duluth, Minnesota and Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
It's about one-seven-hundredth as big as The Island of Ireland
In other words, 30,000 acres is 0.001438 times the size of The Island of Ireland, and the size of The Island of Ireland is 695.36 times that amount.
(a.k.a. Éire, a.k.a. Airlann)
The island of Ireland - split between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland - covers 20,861,000 acres. The island has been populated for over 9,000 years.
It's about 800 times as big as Eden Park
In other words, 30,000 acres is 809 times the size of Eden Park, and the size of Eden Park is 0.0012 times that amount.
(Auckland, Auckland Province, New Zealand) (total grounds)
The largest stadium in New Zealand, Eden Park in Auckland measures about 37.10 acres over its total grounds. It is primarily a rugby and cricket stadium. The Park offers rooftop tours, where fans can walk along the 39-meters-high roof of the stands.
It's about 800 times as big as The Citadelle
In other words, 30,000 acres is 810 times the size of The Citadelle, and the size of The Citadelle is 0.001 times that amount.
(a.k.a. La Citadelle, a.k.a. Québec Citadelle, a.k.a. The Citadel) (Québec City, Quebec, Canada) (for the fortified enclosure)
The Citadelle of Quebec, containing Canada's oldest military buildings measures about 3.70 acres in total area. The fortress sits on a 90-meter cliffside, overlooking the St. Lawrence River.
It's about 900 times as big as The Pentagon
In other words, 30,000 acres is 880 times the size of The Pentagon, and the size of The Pentagon is 0.0011 times that amount.
(a.k.a. United States Department of Defense Headquarters) (Washington, D.C.) (total floor area)
The Pentagon, the world's largest office building, contains a total floor area of 34.10 acres. Built during World War II, the designers compensated for the steel rations then in effect by using 310,000 cu. m of concrete in the construction efforts.
It's about 1,000 times as big as Ellis Island
In other words, 30,000 acres is 1,090 times the size of Ellis Island, and the size of Ellis Island is 0.00092 times that amount.
(Jersey City, New Jersey and New York City, New York)(now officially part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument)
Ellis Island, home of the Ellis Island Immigration Station, is 27.40 acres in total area. Nine-tenths of the island were artificially created after the New York-New Jersey borders had already been defined, leading to a sovereignty dispute which was settled by the US Supreme Court in 1998.
It's about one-one-thousandth as big as New York
In other words, 30,000 acres is 0.000859209 times the size of New York, and the size of New York is 1,163.861 times that amount.
(United States)
The "Empire State," New York measures 34,915,840 acres in total area. Adirondack Park, a 6,103,503 acres area in the northeast region of the state, is the largest state-protected area in the contiguous United States.